Behind the Guide

The Green Games Guide is an ongoing, living project. Our core team are volunteers from across the world, with different backgrounds and experiences, who all have one common goal – to make board games more sustainable.

Ben Abraham

Dr. Benjamin Abraham (he/him) is a researcher and consultant on climate and sustainability issues in the digital games industry. In 2022 he launched AfterClimate to help the games industry with ESG research and strategy, having worked with companies from the large (Intel, Unity) to indie studios (Paper House). He was previously a lecturer in Digital and Social Media at the University of Technology Sydney, and his first book Digital Games After Climate Change, was published by Palgrave in 2022.

T. Caires

T. Caires (they/them) is the Sales Director for Hachette Boardgames USA, CEO of Cabin Games, and semi-retired social influencer in the board game industry. T has worked in the board games industry for over 10 years and believes strongly in the power of play. They also believe in the importance of economic, environmental and social sustainability and have been a vocal champion these issues within the board games industry for years.

Carlos Flores

Carlos Flores (he/him) is a senior climate change and sustainability expert by day, and a game designer by night. He is the Director of NABERS, one of Australia’s largest and most successful government initiatives on climate change and sustainability. Carlos is a mechanical engineer, a regular speaker at sustainability conferences around the world, and he represents Australia in multiple energy and climate initiatives at the International Energy Agency.

JF Gagné

Jean-François “JF” Gagné (he/him) is the Director of Learning and Development at Panda Game Manufacturing. He has been working in the board gaming industry for over 16 years, from retail to distribution and from publishing to manufacturing. He recently started a masters in management and sustainable development.

Jessica Metheringham

Jessica Metheringham (she/her) is a political consultant based in the UK. She has campaigned on environmental, social justice, and democracy issues, working with regulators, the UK Government, and local authorities. She is currently Chair of cross-party pressure group Unlock Democracy. She designs board games with Dissent Games, which she founded in 2019.

Eric Price

Eric Price (he/him) is President of Japanime Games, as well as International Business Development for Meijia Games Factory and on the Board of Directors of GAMA.

Eric Zimmerman

Eric Zimmerman (he/him) is a tabletop and video game designer based in New York City. His card and board game titles include Quantum and The Metagame. Eric’s books about game design include The Rules We Break and Rules of Play (with Katie Salen).

Document and logo design by: Amélie Lebleu. Amélie is the founder and principal of Studio Lebleu, a Paris-based design firm that designs spaces, objects, and identities in both digital and physical worlds. Amélie is a fierce activist for design sustainability.

Thanks to: Cressida Hilken, Zhijing Mai, Derek Pennington, Eric Reuss, James Wallis

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